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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


"Maybe You Should Try Something Else For Awhile"

That's the advice left here by sin, when I determined that I had completely exhausted my capacity to keep writing here as I have for nearly 7 years.  It feels to me like that is a bit of wise guidance -- just let things be and go on to write something different...

It shouldn't be hard to do.  Things are different, so just go with the flow and write what is.  That will be different, by definition.  No need to get fancy or even fanciful.

Maybe I just need to start from the simplest of facts about NOW and go from there.

We keep assuring one another that we still have each other; that we are still together.  That is true.

He says that he doesn't feel dominant anymore, so there will be no more of our former Master/slave dynamic.

I guess that necessitates a shift in how people are labeled as I write here -- time for me to resume being Sue.

Probably, there will be very little, going forward for me to say about the practice of BDSM between us.  I don't expect that to play much of a role in our lives together.  Still, I may find things, in general, to say about BDSM and the community.  I hope I can do that without it feeling dishonest.

I'm not likely to write much anymore about polyamory.  I've discovered, through all of this that I have little interest in submerging myself in a plethora of "relationships."  It isn't for me.  I understand the concept.  I am just not interested.  And, yes, I do "get" the irony of my situation in light of that reality.

I still teach.  I still am the "mom" to two adults who were once my children.  I still read widely and follow politics.  I still dream dreams and think thoughts.  What rolls across the screen here in the future is not likely to be sexy and I doubt there'll be anymore butt pictures, but I need the place for the words to live.



  1. well ya know "sue" (feels funny using that name) that for a long while on The Journey - i didn't know what to write either... but i really needed to write... to "hear" my words ....

    now it is a little easier to write... but there is no "Sir" in my life .. just W... it took me some time.. but ya know what.. just W is ok too.... we are still finding our way forward together... both fitting the pieces together - in a different way.. but in a way that feels ok for each of us........

    So.. you will write to "hear your word" and you will come to a new place - whatever that place is - and i (like many others) will be here to read your words... cause you are important to me....

    big hugs

  2. Sue, there's often some irony in what we all write. I'm glad you've come back, I've missed you, and missed hearing your voice.


  3. Impish112:18 AM

    Sue, I'm glad you're still here. I've learned that when you talk, you're worth listening to.

  4. there is nothing wrong with just letting things be as they are... most times thats how we find our way.

  5. It's not your kink, or your butt (or his), or your dynamic that held me here,kept me returning, it was your voice, your humanity, Sue. Impish got it in one, you're worth listening to.


  6. I understand that 'need a place for the words to live' feeling. I rarely write about HWMBA and I these days, partly because we too have settled into a different dynamic, and partly because what I would choose to write about us feels almost too personal. However, I do still like to write (albeit not as frequently these days) about other stuff my mind 'muses' on, and its good to have somewhere to share thoughts.

    As always, I look forward to you sharing yours too.

    love and hugs xxx

  7. I started getting involved with BDSM education when we were in a tough patch a few years ago. It kept the blog full of things I hoped to resume or try at a later point, and kept me feeling I was posting something useful. But I was a new blogger back then. You've been around much longer and I know what that can feel like.

    All I can say is: I'm always delighted to see a post go up from you (any of you) and I don't care if it's about BDSM, politics, school or the family ... it's a link to how you are all thinking and feeling and living. And that's important, for those of us who are part of your blogging family :)

  8. I miss you all. I have read long enough to know that things often twist and turn in your lives. What seems like a given now, may not hold true forever. But living in the now is all we really have...and I am always interested to read what your now is like for you. I hope the road is gentle...

  9. weirdgirl7:26 AM

    i'm glad you are still writing, sue - on whatever topics interest you :)

    warm wishes


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