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Word From The Philippines

I've kept a candle up here since shortly after Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines.  Today, I heard from Malcolm that he is safe along with his family.  

At his suggestion, I've put the candle at the top of my sidebar, and will keep it burning for the 11 million that the United Nations estimates have been impacted by this storm.  Many remain homeless, and desperate for the basics that I take for granted:  food, clean water, shelter.  I cannot imagine the suffering and struggle.  But I am willing to be reminded.  And so the candle will stay...



Tacloban and Calbayog City

From my earliest days of blogging, when I was just beginning to write at The Swan's Heart, I have had a steadfast friend and commenter -- Malcolm.  Beginning with my very first blog post on December 21, 2004, Malcolm has been there with me.  We haven't always seen eye to eye, but we have shared a unique friendship that I have valued.

Malcolm and his wife, Rose, live in Calbayog City, Philippines.  As I look at the map of that archipelago, I can see that they are only just a tiny little bit of distance north of Tacloban, the city that bore the brunt of Typhoon Haiyan.  The news that I have been able to get about the storm's impacts is very unclear about the areas outside of Tacloban, so I really cannot tell what might have happened to Malcolm's home city.  I am worried for him and his family.

Probably, there is damage to the infrastructure that would allow the sort of communication we all take for granted.  Electricity?  Who knows?  I just hope that they are safe.  I hope that they have food and water and decent shelter.  I am selfish, but I want the best for my friend.

So, tonight, I am putting a candle up on this blog.  I will leave the candle burning for my friend, Malcolm, for Rose, and for all of those who are suffering tonight in the Phillipines.  I invite you all to join me.