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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


Sue's "New" Blog

I think that when I decided to move on to a new blog home, I did not talk at all about WHERE that would be.  I was feeling stalked here, and wanted to be more circumspect.  Now I do think that I am feeling safer again, so IF there is anyone who wants to read a much different sort of blog, you can find me here:




There have been threats to our privacy and security, coming from some nameless, faceless critter.  We have phone numbers, and some likely identifiers.  If need be, we can take legal action.  For the time being, however, we have removed most of the most "incriminating" photos from this site.  You will find blank, space holders where you used to find the most graphic of our spanking photos.  That feels like a big loss to me, but it must be ...  The price of being at the fringe in a society where some feel they are just more and better than others.



Time for Something New

It seems clear to me, finally, that this blog has run its course.  The life this place started out to describe has changed irretrievably.

I want to write what I want to write, and this isn't it.  I'm starting afresh somewhere else.

If you are interested, write to me, and I'll clue you in.

Thanks for all the good times.



We had friends for dinner last night...  Friends who are curious about BDSM and our collection of toys.  So, after dinner, we opened up the flogging frame, and began dragging out the toys:  floggers, and paddles, and quirt, and canes.

Almost everything was covered in dust, lots and lots of dust.

One friend commented to me that he thought I should have "cleaned the toys after we played with them the last time."

"I did."  I told him.



I've been reading The Mind Body Problem, by Rebecca Goldstein.  The novel centers around the relationship between two characters, Renee and her husband, mathematical genius, Noam Himmel.  Theirs is, from the outset, a terrible mismatch -- simultaneously painful and  intriguing.

At one point, the book delves into the question (from a philosophical and mathematical standpoint) of whether sex is interesting.  So, I've found myself pondering...  Is it?

There's the, more or less, ubiquitous set of sensations.  For all the variation among us; size, shape, color, temperament, appetite, belief...  the range of human sexual experience is pretty similar.  Those of us in the BDSM community tend, I suspect, to think we've concocted a wider and wilder range of sexual experience, but even with our kinky repertoire added to the mix, the sexual sensation catalog only has so many pages.

Once we have, ourselves, crossed the line that delineates sexual imagining and sexual fantasy from sexual experience, the extent of the territory to be explored is bounded.  From missionary position, one on one, penis in vagina copulation, through the realms of tantric pleasures, and on into the varieties of power exchange and sadomasochistic play, there are only so many sensations that can be wrung from the human frame.  We may pick from the menu of options.  We may combine the elements in a dizzying array of possibilities.  We may achieve orgasms, in singles and multiples, and in whatever order, individually or as couples.  We can wash, rinse, and repeat until we wear ourselves completely out.  And then what?  Once we've poked and prodded and stroked and wrestled one another into sexual delirium a few hundred or a few thousand times.  Once we know all the angles, and every nuance, and every single moan and sigh ...  is sex interesting?

What say you?


First Day

We are off!
Today was the first full day of school.
119 students between the ages of 11 and 14.
Temperatures were in the low 90's today, and the humidity was in the 85% range.
Wicked hot.
Inside our nearly 100 year old building, with NO air conditioning, it was sweltering.
Death by sweat.
The forecast is for the heat to continue this week.
And next.
And then we should see a bit of a cool down.
I hope.
Until then, we just try and stay hydrated.
Suck it up, and forge forward.
Hot, hot, hot, hot!