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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


Ten Years

It was ten years ago, at the turning of the new year, that Tom and T and my former husband and I made the decision to join our lives and form a polyamorous family.  It was, for a decision of such moment, a relatively quiet and simple conversation.  With that settled, I flew back to Denver with my husband -- and we all began to plan.

In the beginning, the planning was pretty nebulous.  We'd said "yes" to the idea of getting together, but we had left the details completely unspecified.  Things like the when or how -- were left for later.

Now, a decade later, I cannot help but wander back in memory, and put a metaphorical arm around that younger version of myself...  She was so hopeful, so amazed at how her life was turning out, so willing to believe, so trusting, so unafraid, so very much in love...  I know the rough path that lies ahead of her, and I envy the naive simplicity of her.  If I could talk to that woman who was me, I wonder what it is that I could say.  I know I wouldn't discourage her; would never try to dissuade her from the adventure that is still ahead of her.  I guess I would just give her a hug, hold her tight, set her on her way with whatever I could give her by way of lucky talismans and some magic spell for bravery.

Tonight, in the final days of this January, I am faced into my own future, and I am just as clueless as I was all those many years ago.  I do not know where life leads me from here.  I am surely older, and the shine has been rubbed off.  I have my fair share of dings and dents.  I am still very much in love, and I remain hopeful.  I wonder if there isn't some 67 year old version of me looking back on this night -- and reaching across the years to hold me and endow me with the gifts that might carry me through what is to be?  I believe there just might be.



  1. Ordalie12:06 PM

    Well, Sue, so your former husband and yourself had planned to join Tom and T.
    Apparently your husband quit at some time.

    Now how long afterwards was that? And why?
    And just don't answer me if you think I'm nosy.

    1. Ordalie, I moved with my former spouse to live with Tom and T. He led all of us to believe that he was entirely on board with the plan to become a poly quad. Tom and T worked really hard to help him find a good teaching job, and things seemed to be going well. Within about 3-4 months however, it began to be clear that he had not been honest with us about his feelings. He acted in a variety of ways to break us apart and sabotage our family. By the time we'd been here a year, I decided to file for divorce. That was finalized in February, one year and eight months after our move.


    2. Ordalie11:20 PM

      ...and you had to bear the brunt of two major changes in your life almost at the same time!


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