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Today is my daughter's birthday.  She is 35 years old.  At least I hope so...

She has "vanished...dropped off the radar.  She does not answer her phone.  She does not answer messages left on her Facebook page.  She does not respond to text messages.

I am worried.

Maybe she has just gone quiet.  Maybe she is there and just out of communication.  I don't know.  I only know that, in the past, when Sarah has "become invisible," it has not been a good thing.  It generally portends legal trouble and a drop into drug use.

I am trying not to imagine horrible things.  I am trying to remain calm and patient.  I have no choice but to wait this out.  But, oh..., my heart is aching tonight.

Thank you for listening.



  1. Swan,
    I hate that for you. I hope your fears are unfounded, but until you hear from her I know you have that sick feeling in your stomach. I'll say a prayer that everything is well.


  2. I am so sorry, a member of our family does the same,,,it is hard not to imagine the worse. I hope you hear soon, knowing is better than no knowing.
    hugs and prayers...for you and your daughter.
    hugs abby

  3. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Hope you will hear from her soon and find all is well. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.


  4. Impish19:59 PM

    Oh, Sue, I'm so sorry. I will do my best to send as much powerful energy that way as I can.

  5. Sending all the good mojo I can muster to soothe your heart and bring her back on the grid soon!

  6. Anonymous1:31 AM

    When my son sleeps all day and is up on his laptop all night,the dub step music telegraphing itself though the walls, thump, thump, thump, thump, my stomach fills with stones. That is when I thank God he is here in my house and not out of my physical reach or vision.

    I know exactly how much of your resources it takes to keep that fear at bay. I am praying for you Sue, and you daughter as well. Hugs.

  7. sending you warm hugs .........

  8. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Our children stay with us forever, in our hearts and minds. 'hoping for the best. Karen

  9. I think the unknown is the worse....Knowing something is better then not know at all...saying a small prayer for you and your daughter

  10. Hugs from sol and myself

    (we are blogless at present - Blogger deleted us!)


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