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More Patio Pictures -- for sin :-)

Sin asked to see what the hanging planters look like now that the plants have grown...  It is pretty wild and scraggly looking, but here you go:


  1. Ha! I love it. And you have a heron! I guess that's not so surprising, but pretty.


  2. Ordalie11:00 PM

    I had never ever seen tomatoes etc growing upside down! Now do tell me more, please: you buy all those cylindrical containers ready-made and then you just hang them and water them? That'd be nice for me, right on eye-level, not having to bend down!

  3. Ordalie -- Yes. These are called Topsy Turvy planters I order mine from Amazon. I plant seedlings that I purchase from the nursery in the spring. The chain setup you see in the pictures is a way to allow me to hang more of them -- I have a total of 10. I have found that tomato and pepper plants do well. Squash and cucumbers are better planted in the ground. I have not tried beans, but wonder if they would do well... When the season is over, I empty the containers and store them for the winter. Some of my planters are 3 or 4 years old. So they hold up pretty well. You do have to water daily, and I find I need to feed them about every 2-3 weeks as they use up the nutrients in that small amount of soil pretty quickly. Other than that, they are pretty well secure from insects and ground feeding critters. We've had some pretty big storms this summer, and they seem to do just fine.

  4. Tomato plants all seem to get scraggly when they are producing fruit. Upside down or right side up.
    I have a couple planted in pots and they are scraggly too, but oh do they taste delicious. I love your little patio garden.

  5. Ordalie9:53 PM

    Thank you, Sue! No topsy turvy planters on Amazon here. But I'll suggest them to add this item for next year. It should be quite popular with all those old people here.


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