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A couple of posts ago, I posited the possibility of creating and participating in some sort of "email correspondence circle."  It was, at the point where I wrote those words, a sort of throw away, half-formed notion, and I really didn't give it much thought...  But several people have written me privately to express interest in and a willingness to participate in that sort of conversation -- more private, and perhaps, more intimate.

I suppose that we might exchange email addresses, and then begin to write in a "reply to all," group exercise.  I am not sure what sorts of letters we might dispatch to one another, but I think it is an intriguing idea.

I know that I am not willing to get into this with just anyone, and I'd really prefer to have some sort of connection with the people who might join in such an endeavor.  If you are interested, and we've shared some interaction over the years, and you have been on the kind side of the exchange here...  drop me a line.  I'd be willing to see if I can get this going.  Be aware that, in order for this to work, you have to be willing to have your email address shared with the circle.

Shall we "talk?"



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  2. Ordalie1:46 AM

    Nothing to do with this post, sorry!
    Back in August you posted pictures of your garden with the topsy-turvy planter and I was very much interested.
    I found that item on (but only sold by a vendor).
    Now on they charge $ 4,21 (= 3,11 euros for us). That vendor has the gall to put its price at 37 € (= $ 49,92) !!!
    BTW Orage is me, too, but I don't use that alias here.


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