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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


Nearing the End

There are two weeks of school left in this year.
I have signed my contract for next year.
The battles engendered by the language of that document rage on.
I cannot engage in that.
I will do what I have done for more than two decades; teach as best I can.
No matter what.

For now, I am just tired.
I need to finish and then rest and then consider what may come next.


  1. I just read your last post. Are you working in Russia or a Muslin country or what? I can't believe this in today's America. I don't know your state, but I would think a copy of this contract sent anonymously to the media, civil rights group or lawyer, the HRC, the ACLU - I feel if any of these groups knew the shit would hit the fan. That may not be what you want, but someone should get this word out. I have a gay son, if someone had presented me with this I couldn't have signed it. Sign a contract saying I'd never be around my son? I do understand why you signed, we have to work for a living. But I hope you will consider anonymously letting the world know about this extreme illegal contract that was forced on you.

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    PK, She works for a Catholic school. They can do what they wish as they wish when they wish. That's the America you live in. As a confirmed Catholic, I have to say it saddens us that so many have taken the stand, the last stand, really as it's against the very protocol and dictate coming from not only the Heavenly Father, but the earthly one we call The Pope! As he's asked for open hearts, there are die-hards who will fight him, dig in and create this kind of non-sense. We persevere. Centuries of hatred can not be fixed in a word from the Pontif. The best thing we can do is teach children to love and extend a hand always. Carry on the good work, Sue. Teach them, and in the way they will follow. ; ) Palamino

    1. Thank you, Palamino. You do, exactly, understand the dilemma and the path I have chosen. It is my mission to contribute to educating good, decent, caring, thoughtful young people. In them lies all my hope.

  3. Hugs to you much as I would have been conflicted, as you were, I too would have signed.


  4. Hi Sue,
    The horrid contract is now making national news. I thought of you right away. What an overreach into one's very heart and soul. Good for you for just moving on to do the job that you were born to do. The Jesus I was raised to believe in was about love. I don't recognize the God these people claim to know.


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