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Almost Home!

I had a wonderful visit with Sue's son's family. We went to Boulder and the Pearl St outdoor mall. Ate at the Buff in Boulder..... a Mexican restaurant in Denver, who's name escapes me...... and The Fort, outside of Denver near Red Rocks.

But the bestest part of all was watching Sue with Zander. She was delighted with each breath, sound, movement, hug, kiss, and giggle. He looks at her and just breaks into huge grins. He is more comfortable with Tom this visit and even gave me a few hugs, kisses and fist-bumps.

My family just called and they are doing a dinner break in Terra Haute Indiana. They are about 180 miles from home and I CANNOT WAIT! Even though I just left them yesterday morning, I miss not being together. The cats have missed them. It will be good to have them home tonight.



  1. We are home! Safe and sound and so tired...but glad to be here all together again. It was such fun to see the little man again. He is growing so fast! But good to be back to our green trees and comfy condos -- and our own bed! We even got to go up and get a treat at The Cone! Home indeed.


  2. Impish111:13 PM

    So glad you all had fun - you deserve it.

  3. Just curious; where do you stop in Terre Haute? That's where my daughter lives....


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