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Oh Wow!

We left home on Tuesday morning, for an almost impromptu trip to Denver and a late summer visit to Xander and his parents.  This was a trip we were pretty sure we wouldn't be able to make, but Master's shoulder has progressed so well and so easily that the idea of a trip to Denver blossomed in His mind just a few weeks ago.

He and I made the drive, over two long days, in my new little Hyundai Accent -- and it turns out to be a great road trip car.  We've gotten pretty good at driving long distances; carrying our own food, and making sure that we have plenty to drink along the way.  We know, for this trip, where to stay and where to stop for a "real" meal.  We know which rest areas are "nice" and which are less than spectacular.  We do pretty well for the first 1000 miles, and then there are those last 200 when we both seem to hit a wall.  That last bit is a real slog.

T didn't have enough time off to make the drive with us, so she is boarding a plane this afternoon, and we will be fetching her from the airport at about 5 this evening.  She'll spend a couple of days with us here, and then we'll put her back on a plane on Sunday morning -- and begin the drive back east.  That works.

Xander has grown so much.  He is very tall for a two year old.  He exclaims, "Oh Wow!" and "Neat" at each new thing.  He gives the greatest hugs, and sloppy baby kisses.  He runs everywhere -- no more wobbly monkey walking for him!  And his laugh is enchanting!  He chortles with an almost phonetic "ha ha ha ha," and it is simply delightful.  He is much more interactive with Master this visit; apparently deciding that it is "safe" to play with Him.  It is just such fun to see him and talk with him and be close to his growing self. 

When we get back home, I'll have just one day to wash up the laundry and sweep out the dust and get ready to plunge back into the school year.  I am torn -- looking forward to a new start and new, fresh kids to love and teach and laugh with... but reluctant to cut short the healing time of this summer with Master.  These long, slow, warm and humid days have been a balm for us, and it feels like we may be coming into an easier time with each other.  I think that is true and real, and I am sad that we'll lose the time we've been given.  And, yes, I do know that sooner or later, He and I have to learn to live well inside of the lives that we have -- and that includes my teaching work.  Mixed feelings seem to just be the thing that life is built from.



  1. "Mixed feelings seem to just be the thing that life is built from."

    Well that statement i GET for sure!!!

    I am so glad you had some time with Xander - grandkids are just so damn special !!!

    Safe trip home...

  2. Impish15:02 PM

    Oh what a charming and clever little guy! How much fun he must be! So glad you are having this trip, wishing you all a soft landing when you return.

  3. We did two long hour drives to Sydney last week, so I sympathize (although your trip is longer, we can get there in a single day ... just). It's funny how you get to know the road so well. solipsist was delighted to find an app on his phone that showed public toilets, and he's now made a road game out of testing new ones! I also find what we listen to each trip interesting. Last trip we had a Beatles marathon. This time ... well if anyone had ever told me I'd do two 12 hour drives listening entirely to mid 20th century British comedians and not get tired of them, I'd not have believed them.

  4. Ordalie12:44 AM

    "Mixed feelings seem to just be the thing that life is built from."
    Swan, that's another gem of yours I completely endorse (and that's a mixed metaphor). You do have a knack with words!


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