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Making Space

He mentioned, a few days ago, that perhaps he might write here again -- about what is happening for him these days.  And he spoke, with some sadness about the supportive comments left on another blog where a difficult medical diagnosis has been met with words of encouragement.  "No one called that person names," he said.  And it is true.  No slurs, no judgments, no blame there.  The contrast is obvious and painful.

For awhile now, I've had this place set up to be the place where I spoke to where I am.  It was a shift that made sense as it has appeared that it was only me with a desire to put words out here anymore.  I never wanted to be alone here.  I'd be glad to share the space with my loves.  Again.

If he wants to write here, I want this place to be hospitable for him... and safe.

To that end, I have closed the comments for now.

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