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More Medical Wonders

We spent the day Thursday at the local hospital.  This time, the issue was irregular heart rhythms that were interfering with the efficiency of the heart.

The problem was one that had been being tracked for a number of years, and it finally became pronounced enough to warrant medical intervention.  The procedure is called "cardiac ablation," and it involves targeted electrical cautery to nodes in the heart muscle that cause the heart to beat irregularly.

There were difficult moments through the course of the very long, 12-hour day, but in the end, everyone came home to a night in our own beds.  We are two days into the prescribed 72-hour recuperative period during which activity is pretty limited.  Some pretty impressive bruising at the point where the catheters were inserted, and some achy soreness.  And tiredness.  But the news is generally good, and we are glad.


  1. "We?" "Everyone?"

  2. Tom. Long standing issue, Malcolm, that has finally become serious enough to be of real concern. Seems that all has been set right again.


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