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Pantry Organizing

More straightening and organizing and general paring down...

This is an "after" shot of our pantry.  These shelves are in what would normally be the "laundry room."  Since we have our washer and dryer in the condo where T lives, I don't have those machines in my condo.  So, that space is available to be used as a household pantry.

Its another one of those spots that tends, naturally, toward chaos.  Because Tom does much of the shopping these days, while T and I are at work, the pantry shelves, refrigerator, and cupboards all are subject to having items crammed in wherever they will fit.  By the time we make a circuit around the sun, my efforts at establishing order will all shift to an impossible jumble of stuff piled every which way.

Inevitably, as things pile up, some items get shoved to the bottom and the back, and become "invisible."  When I get into straightening and tidying, I always find a few items that surprise me.  Really?  Who knew we still had this?  Things that are too old or too crummy to be useful to us or anyone else, just have to go away.

So, another project taken care of, and another couple of bags culled out of our stock of stuff.

Bag total?  37.


  1. Hey Sue, your making some great progress there! I got rid of 3/4 of my stuff when we relocated from CA to TX. I've been careful not to collect much either. I recently cleared out our plastic's cupboard, and got rid of anything that didn't have a lid, and too many duplicates. How nice not to have it all come crashing down when one opens the door for a container. And to easily find a matching lid too!
    It does feel good to get things organized an see what you have for sure! Looks like a very productive summer!

  2. Mystress -- It IS good to be able to see progress here as the space opens and lightens up. I do have a drawer full of plastic tubs and lids that do not necessarily match up, so that is on the list too. I am confident that hitting that 40 bag goal won't be any problem at all. Probably in the next few days...


  3. I love reading these!


  4. We've taken a step in the opposite direction: Claude recently started to take an interest in electronics construction (and de-struction) and set up a work table outside in the yard next to mine. Claude is an untidy boy - need I say more?

  5. Malcolm, I have always said that "busy minds are seldom tidy." The curiosity that drives the sort of explorations that it sounds like Claude is making cannot, ultimately, be a bad thing. Tidiness is overrated. :-)

  6. Sue, where are you? Did the decluttering stop?


  7. Fury -- We've been off vacationing for the last 10 days. Back now, so stand by for more decluttering.


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