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Did You Miss Me?

I've been away for the last week.
Spring break time at school, and once again we were able to squeeze in a trip west to visit with the "kids" and the grand kid.

The "kids" are, of course, not kids at all -- all well into their 30's and making their lives as they will -- as they do.

The trip is grueling.  Two long days of driving to get there -- about 19 hours total, across some of the most desolate and empty country on the continent.  We know all the places to stop; the places where we can get a decent meal and a halfway comfortable hotel room.  Still, even with all of that, we arrive exhausted.  The first night, we took some of our "on the road" snacking food down to the hotel breakfast room, and met my son and daughter in law for a late night "dinner."  Then it was off to bed for the three of us.

The next day, we got up and walked for just a short while -- much less time than we usually spend doing that.  We met at the restaurant where my daughter is working, and then took off to play tourist in one of the close in mountain towns.  We had an interesting dinner at a place that my daughter in law's mother likes (don't even get me started), and headed back to the hotel very late.

Wednesday, we'd planned to go to the zoo.  The whole day felt like a battle.  Time seemed at a premium.  Everyone seemed to want what they wanted.  I felt caught in a web of conflicting demands.  On top of that, I found driving around the city I once knew so well ... a little daunting, and got myself pretty well lost on the way.  It was a beautiful day, but very sunny (in that bright, intense way that is so typical of the Rocky Mountain front range).  As the afternoon wore on, I began to work on a monster migraine so that, by the time we finished with the zoo and headed to dinner, I was less than charming.  Just worn out.

Thursday was better.  He and I walked early.  We linked up with the "kids" and took a picnic to the park where boy child had great fun playing on the playground equipment, and everyone was able to just relax and enjoy the lovely weather.

Friday morning dawned bright and clear and warm.  We packed the car and headed east again.  Tired even as we started out.  Some 10 hours later, as we dragged off the highway and into the hotel, it was hard to imagine the next day's drive...  The last day is always the hardest.  Another long day on the road.  Tired.  Nerves frayed.  Joints aching.  We made it about 9:30 last night, and we are home.

Like most travelers, we find coming home to be sweet.  Time away makes us appreciate the simple pleasures of home.  Tomorrow, school starts again.  The laundry is all done.  All my plans are made.  Papers are graded and ready to go.  I am as ready as can be.



  1. Ordalie12:41 AM

    Could you please tell us between which towns lies that "desolate and empty country"? I love poring over maps.

    1. Ordalie -- the most "desolate and empty" stretch is across the length of Kansas. Lots of little, dry, dusty towns with big, open, windswept miles and miles in between.


  2. Oh Sue! Glad you're home now safe and sound. Traveling, even when you know exactly where your going and how to get there is always daunting to mouse. The picture is just precious!!


  3. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Why don't you fly, if the drive is so arduous?

    1. I don't like to fly. It is expensive, inconvenient, irritating, and undignified.


  4. Impish19:56 PM

    Boy joy! What a little cutie! I'm sorry the trip was so tiring and stressful, hope you had fun, too. Impressive how quickly you got the work done after arriving home so tired.


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