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March Q&A -- weirdgirl

QUESTION -- You are throwing a dinner party for eight guests...who would you invite and why? (no temporal limitations - persons alive or dead)

I will assume this would be a dinner party here at our homes, and so I will assume that it will be the three of us entertaining guests here.  I couldn't possibly do a big dinner thing without my sister-heart.  She is the cooking-est woman I have ever met, and her stuff is yummy!  So!

Eight guests --

I'd invite my brother, Gregg.  He died some 21 years ago from complications of AIDS.  He was beautiful and funny and intense and brilliant and utterly charming.  He would have been my very handsome twin except for the fact that he was 5 years younger.  I miss him terribly, still.

I'd want Stephen Hawkings at the table.  Hawkings has the most interesting mind on the planet today.  Maybe that is because he is so limited by his illness that he spends much of his time inside his own mind thinking things, but I suspect he might have been pretty amazing even if he had not lived for so many years with ALS.

I'd invite Antonio Banderas.  He is simply the most gorgeous man on the planet.  With Antonio at the table there'd be no need for flowers or any other sort of decorative silliness.  

I'd want Kathleen Norris, author of Dakota and Cloister Walk.  She has a deep insight into the workings of the spirit, and a wonderful clarity of language.

I'd invite Jack Gladstone, one of my favorite musicians.  Gladstone is a singer and song-writer with a historical bent.  I first saw him perform in the glory of Glacier National Park, and I've loved his music ever since.  He comes from the Blackfeet people, and I'd love to spend a few hours talking with him.

I would invent President John F. Kennedy.  He is so central to the earliest history that I am personally aware of.  I know he was a hound-dog, and I do not care.  Maybe it would be most interesting for him to be able to be with people who knew that about him and were still interested in talking to him as a person.   

I'd invite my / our therapist.  If the rules allowed it, I imagine we might be good friends -- or at least interesting companions.  I'd like to know more about her and her life.  And I'd be interested to watch her interact with so many divergent minds.

Lastly, I'd invite Dylan M.  Dylan was a student in a class I taught many, many years ago.  His parents were divorced.  His dad was a druggie and a bum.  His mom was beautiful in a classic, porcelain sort of way.  Dylan adored her.  Early in his 8th grade year, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  The powers that be determined that Dylan should go and live with his "father."  He hated it.  Worried about his mom.  Struggled to just get through the days.  He was the first student that I can remember wanting to bring home with me.  It has been probably 20 years.  Dylan would be in his mid-30's.  I often think of him and wonder how he is.

That's my list.  What an interesting evening that would make.

Sue (swan)


  1. Good question. Great answer. As diverse and thoughtful as everything else you write Swan.

  2. That's a great guest list!!!

    mouse (who is strongly resisting the urge to ask about the menu--haha. Unless T would like to chime in ;-)

    1. Sorry I didn't answer....I missed the question....not sure about the menu since I am not sure about the eating habits of her guests....I really enjoy fondue when we entertain people for the first can make it vegetarian but by adding a few meat items, carnivores are good too. It's a great meal to talk over and nobody rushes thru fondue. Although fondue might be kinda rude for Stephen Hawkings.

  3. weirdgirl5:15 AM

    Thanks swan :) I second sin's reply and also mouse's hahhaa :D

    I was particularly touched by your final 'guest'... I was a nanny for two Chinese boys many many moons ago, I was with them for almost 5 years and the youngest took his first steps and spoke his first words with me...As I have not had any children of my own I often wondered about those two. I reconnected with them via Facebook last year and they are both doing well - the youngest is creating the most beautiful artwork - and I was delighted to find their memories of me as fond as mine of them. I have no doubt that your student would be the same :)

    Thanks again for answering and I look forward to your upcoming Q&As :)

    Kindest regards


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