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We brought T home from the hospital this afternoon, arriving here at about 4 PM.

She is well, although very, very tired.

We are all just very glad to have her here.  Our old man cat, Pranzer, her special feline buddy, is glued to her side.  Tom and I have done our level best to spend lots of time with him, but there is no replacement for his "mommy."

Now, we begin the long journey through post surgical weight loss, and the slow return to what will become the "normal" eating patterns for her.  For the next few days, that will be mostly clear liquids, and the protein supplement that is recommended for bariatric patients.  Slowly, over the next few weeks, she will advance through stages:  full liquids, soft foods, and then eventually, solids.

There is time for all of that now.  For today, it is just enough to have her back with us.



  1. so glad to hear T is home. Wish her well from us :)

  2. Lovely news, thank you for letting us know. Best wishes to you all but especially to T

  3. So relieved and happy for you all.

  4. weirdgirl4:11 AM

    Great news :)
    Welcome home, T!

  5. How are things going now that T has been back home for almost a week????

  6. How are things going with T since it has been almost a week since she came home?? W/we can about her ( all of you too )...


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