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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


News Update

I know it has been quiet here lately.  That has become the norm rather than the exception, but I thought it would be good to fill you in on what is up with all of us.

I am in the middle of my summer break.  It has been wet and rainy here, so the days have been pretty calm and relaxed.

The BIG event of our summer is that T plans to have a revision to her gastric sleeve on July 16.  The original surgery, done four years ago, was deemed to be less invasive and less dangerous for her in light of her previous surgical history.  The sleeve gastrectomy was a relatively new procedure at the time, and seemed very promising.  However, it has proven to be less than optimal for most (if not all) gastric bypass patients, and our T is no exception.  She did very well in the beginning, losing about 90 pounds.  However, as time has gone on, she has gained all of that weight back.  That does seem to be the story for most people who have had the gastric sleeve surgery.  T is a woman of small stature, standing just 5'-2", and she carries way too much weight for her health and comfort.  We have decided it is time to try and address it before it becomes a major health crisis.  So...  back to the surgeon (Dr. K.) for a revision of the sleeve to a Roux en Y.  It is a big deal, and we are nervous, but also determined to see her through this one, and on the path to a long and healthy life.  She is in the lead up phase of preparation for that surgery, and on a very limited dietary regimen.  She is, however, calm and determined, and really doing wonderfully.  Keep her, and all of us, in your thoughts as we get ready for this big hurdle.

Tom is 2-1/2 years into sobriety, and is physically, quite well and healthy.  I think He has come to value the clarity of His mind, and the general well-being He experiences.  I do not think He misses drinking as such, and He seems clear that He does not want to drink again.  However, He still struggles mightily, and pretty regularly, with PTSD.  It is an insidious and tenacious monster that will not let Him go.  Some passages are very dark and very sad.  We have passed through one such time in the last number of weeks.  It does seem that, in the last day or so, He may be finding His feet again, and marshaling His resources to wrest the control back for Himself.  I feel pretty helpless in the face of the demons that beset Him, and seem only able to offer meager things like back rubs and soft caresses.  It is terribly scary and frustrating for us all.

I have some minor medical procedures scheduled this week.  Nothing serious.  Just the routines of maintaining this old body.

Beyond that, the garden seems to be prospering.  We have harvested our first zucchini.  The tomatoes and peppers are slowly maturing.  There are even a few cucumbers.

I have science lessons all prepared and in order for the start of school, and am working my way through the updated math curriculum.  The time passes too quickly.

I still hope to get some painting done before the school year begins, but it will have to happen around the other bits and pieces of our lives.

I hope all of you are well and happy.


  1. weirdgirl2:14 AM

    All the best for your procedures and for a speedy and full recovery for T after hers. Goodness I can't believe it's been 2 1/2 years for Tom - that's so great! Sorry to hear of his PTSD lurking still. My erstwhile partner suffers from severe depression but has made the decision to seek shamanic treatment at an ayahuasca retreat in Peru in August. After your soul retrieval experiences do you think Tom would consider an ayahuasca retreat as a potential aid to relieving his PTSD? There appears to be a growing body of research suggesting ayahuasca can be of benefit in these circumstances.
    Love to all


  2. When is T's surgery scheduled swan?? Before you return to work?? I will hold you all close to my heart as you go through yet another bout of surgery and recovery.

    Know you are always in my thoughts...


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