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I Have a Cold

There is something so enticing about the winter break.  For people who teach, wholeheartedly and full out as I do, the winter break is a time to rest, relax, catch up, enjoy having a personal life, relishing all the leisure moments that are so rare in the whirl of teaching.  And I am jealous of that time.  I need it and want it.  I look forward to it.

I've been off, on break, since the 20th.  Classes resume on Thursday.  For the last six days, I have been a mess -- sick with a nasty cold, and sinus infection.  I saw the doctor on Friday morning, and was given a prescription antibiotic and an inhaler.  Both have worked to make me more comfortable and less miserable.  Today, I feel better than I have in just days...  but, I am still not well.

Just a few days left, and then it will be time to head back to school, and all the lovely, free, unscheduled days will be gone.  Days that might have been fun have been dedicated to being sick and pathetic.  It sucks.  I don't like it.  I'd stomp my foot and pout and insist that "it's not fair!" but to what end?  It is what it is.  One more reminder that looking "forward" is a silly waste of time and energy.  Better to take and enjoy whatever I can from each day as it comes.  After all, tomorrow, I might have a cold or worse...


  1. I'm starting to, mouse. Thank you!

  2. Downunder Don2:25 AM

    Hi Sue,
    The same thing is happening here; everyone I know (me included) is down with a cold or stomach bug. The current theory is that a few days off work and all the stresses and minor grumbles held in are suddenly released with the predicted result.
    Only is 37degrees C today (98 F) with a forecast of 40 C plus tomorrow and raining!!!

    Get well soon.


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