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The Best Christmas Card -- Ever!

I am not a fan of Christmas cards, generally.  They mostly seem like a waste of time and money.  Up until now, I'd have told you that my favorite Christmas card of all time was one that looked kind of like this --

But then...  Today, I got my very first ever Christmas card signed by Xander, himself.

And I am pretty sure my point of view on the subject of wasteful Christmas card exchanges has been forever changed...  <3 p="">


  1. Leucrocotta6:48 AM

    It's amazing how much the little guys can suddenly give so much more meaning to something, isn't it? I'm like you on the whole cards thing, but I have a secret stash of cards like that one. I think it's because they tie to very emotional memories of the child growing up rather than empty holiday fluff.

  2. oh swan - how precious!!! and yeah - those are the "keepers" of Christmas cards. You are so lucky!!

    Enjoy your Christmas break - and give our love to the whole Heron Clan :)

  3. That was something I didn't understand until I became a mother - that all those drawings and misspelled notes and strange sculptures made of papier mâche was genuinely appreciated by the adults. I always assumed as a teenager and young adult that it was all an act, to boost self-esteem.

    And now I have a four-year old drawing stick figures and writing three letters of her name, and it's adorable and precious and makes the door on our fridge look better than it ever has before. Other kids' things I'm not as thrilled about, but my own kid is a whole other thing.


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