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Why Marriage Matters Ohio

Tomorrow, August 6, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeal will hear five marriage cases from four states, including two from Ohio.

Tonight, hundreds of supporters of marriage equality gathered for a public rally ahead of tomorrows court arguments.  

The public support effort is being largely spearheaded by Why Marriage Matters Ohio ( ).  If you care.  If it matters to you...  Go now, and sign the pledge.  Support the effort.  If we all stand together, someday soon, marriage will be a right for all families in this country.


  1. Seems that site is about same-sex marriage. That's something that feels weird to me. I'm prejudiced. I'm not against same-sexes marrying if that's what they want, but I'm not for it either. I'm uncertain as to the effect on children in such a marriage, especially in areas where same-sex marriage is very uncommon. I feel that a child should have a mother and a father, playing their roles together, if possible. Further additions of either sex are not so significant, and may in fact be an improvement.

    I don't think marriage should be any of government's business; but financial considerations, taxes etc make it inevitable, I suppose.

  2. Malcolm, I can appreciate that the idea of same sex marriage may inspire a sense of unease and uncertainty. The bias that you refer to is very deeply rooted in many cultures.
    I can assure you that I've dealt with lots of kids and lots of parents (a number of those families have been headed by same gender couples)over the 25 years that I've been teaching, and I see no evidence that "good" parenting is related to gender. Good parenting is about consistent love and attention. Good parenting is about being willing and able to guide and nurture. Good parenting is about honoring the person that is each child. Gender role models can be had from the broader community.
    In the end, what is important to children is that their family be safe, secure, and valued. The biggest harm that is done to children growing up in same sex families is that done by the culture that conveys the message that "their" family is somehow "Less."

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Hi Malcolm..

    Your mother and father comment hit a nerve. You do realize that 15 million kids (USA) are being raised in single parent homes. That is DOUBLE the number of kids since 1970.

    Obviously the straight community doesn't have it right so why should we tell the Gay community that because of our homohphobe and because of our deep rooted past that kids need a mom and a dad, when we as straight folk can not provide them that?

    Gay marriage is coming and gay parents are here, we might as well accept them with open arms and show them and everyone else, our unconditional support. IMO



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