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Serious as a ...

Master went this week for His pre-surgical physical in preparation for the shoulder replacement surgery that is scheduled for June 17.  All of us assumed that this would be a relatively pro-forma appointment -- just part of the "getting ready for the main event" folderol.  Imagine our surprise and shock when a routine EKG revealed that He has had a heart attack!  Sometime.  Without any symptoms that any of us can remember.  Apparently, this kind of "silent heart attack" is not that uncommon -- especially with diabetics.

So, now He has an appointment scheduled with His cardiologist on Friday, so that we can see what this is all about and what comes next.  We are in shock, and unsure what all of this will mean for His shoulder replacement.  Clearly, without getting this situation evaluated and managed, the surgery is too risky.  On the one hand, this feels like a huge disappointment, a roadblock, and an aggravation.  On the other hand, I really do believe that it is way better to know about this now rather than having it discovered while He was on the operating table.  Very scary thought...

So Friday will be the beginning of dealing with this latest hurdle.  Sheesh!



  1. What scary news.. but surely better to know than not know.
    Just when you think it is safe to relax ~~ another cosmic hurdle.
    ((hugs)) to you all~!

  2. You must feel so buffeted. It's just one thing after another... But it IS good that there was a reason for him t have the EKG so this was uncovered.

    Good luck to you all.
    Again and again.


  3. Anonymous5:55 AM

    swan - I am so sorry you have come up against yet another road block.

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers


    ps for some reason - I can't post from my google account......... sorry

  4. swan...all I can say is "oh my goodness", how strange that life should choose this time to throw the next thing at you, but maybe it is now you are strong enough to cope with it. Sending love and positive thoughts.

  5. Impish110:11 AM

    I'm so sorry, and I know that you are tired of looking at the blessings in your sorrows. Thank heavens it was found in this way, and he will be followed more closely now for cardiac issues. Thinking good thoughts for you all.

  6. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Best wishes for a quick recovery and lots of strength to you all...



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