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Another Year Ends

School years, inevitably, end -- and once again, I am at the end of another passage of time spent teaching and learning with another group of young 11 and 12 year old people.  The lockers are empty, as are the desks.  All the battered and dilapidated notebooks have been tossed into the recycle bins.  The glue and the crayons and the markers and the rulers have been sorted out and assigned to their various tubs.  We've shared treats and memories; tears and hugs.

Ultimately, the last frenetic days come to an end in a flurry of cleaning and last assignments and our own unique version of  "field day."  We sing the school song one last time, and they are off with an over the shoulder wave and hardly a backward glance.  They carry with them bits of me -- my words but also my heart and my sweat and my tears and my midnight worrying -- woven into the very fiber of their beings.  They will go on from my little classroom kingdom to learn and grow and become the people they are destined to be.  What has been given and provided this year will grow in them as it will, and I will know very little of the outcomes of the work I've done.

They are off to the future, my little band of adventurers.  I wish them strength and joy and courage for their journeys.  For now, I am content to rest; put my feet up; unpack my boxes and begin the work of re-ordering all the "stuff" of teaching.  It is summer and I am beyond tired, but I am also well content with the year that was.



  1. I love teachers...

  2. They will carry bits of you far and wide! I have learned the teachers make a difference in ways they never imagined. Sit back, put those feet have earned some serious re-charge time! abby

  3. A. Lurker2:36 PM

    Hello Swan,
    I do not come here very often and I have never commented here but when I stumbled across this post I felt I had to share.

    As I proudly watch my grown children continue to persue higher education and prepare to embark on their chosen careers, I see the shadows of those hard working, dedicated teachers who guided and inspired them over the years and I wish I knew where they were so I could send my kids back to thank them.

    I often think about those same type of dedicated teachers who changed my life and I wish I could find them to tell them that I never forgot about them and to show them that they were instrumental in producing a decent, hardworking, successful adult.

    You sound like you were made from the same mold as all these teachers so maybe by thanking you somehow I have thanked them too. The world needs amazing teachers so thank you for all you do.


    1. R, Your thank you brought tears to my eyes, and made me realize that, while I may not ever get to know about the achievements of all of my particular students, I can be affirmed in the work as I see other fine young men and women who are the products of work done by my colleagues around the world and throughout the years.

      I wish you and yours all the very best,

  4. As always you finish weeks ahead of me and i am SO jealous - i am so ready for this year to end.

    Put those feet up and relax - i'll be joining you in a month !!!


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