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Good News

Tom's surgery went very well.  The surgeon told T and I that he couldn't imagine how Tom has continued to walk about on THAT knee...  Whatever, He came through with flying colors; was into His room just after noon; has eaten two pretty good meals; and is able to stand and bear weight on the new knee (with the help of a walker).  He's already perceiving the pain from the surgery as less than what He experienced on a regular basis before, although He does have a pretty good bolus of pain medication yet from the surgery, and is being managed with oral and intravenous pain medications by the nursing staff here.  He'll have a couple of sessions of physical therapy here in the hospital tomorrow, and then we will see how He is.  It is likely that He will be home on Sunday, although as it appears tonight, we might even be home in our own beds tomorrow evening.

Thanks for all the good wishes.


  1. Swan,

    O had both his knees done and yes it was amazing the difference was noticed by him almost at once. So glad and happy for Tom!

    Living with that kind of pain is just miserable!!


  2. i was just gonna come and drop you a line to see how today went... and here you beat me to it..
    so glad to hear things went well and Tom is coming along ..... hugs to all of you

  3. Anonymous7:04 AM

    recent experience - the first few weeks have a lot of pain, and the PT is really the best thing - after a month it all starts getting better

  4. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Great news! Able to bear weight with walker...seems awesome so quickly after surgery.

  5. Joanne11:20 PM

    Glad to hear all went well. Both my folks have had knee surgery. Mom has had both done and the first one repaired. She is 85 and gets around very well, only takes a cane when she goes out 'just in case' The lack of pain makes any other restriction seem minor. Dad has his done and had 90% bend the next day and did really well until they moved. Being my dad, he had to do most everything himself (mom had just had her second surgery) and some how he injured the knee/hip and now can not walk without a walker or cane. Please tell Tom to take it really slow and easy even if he feels greta. It is so easy to injure those joints and cause unfixable problems. Wishing him and you a slow but steady return to a healthy life.

  6. weirdgirl6:35 AM

    great news, thanks for the update. :)

    best wishes for a speedy and thorough recovery



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