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Another New School Year

These are not my actual kids... but they surely could be.

The new school year is in full swing, and I am immersed in learning how to reach a whole new group of youngsters; how to help them; how to discipline them; how to give them the very best shot at success.

I'm in a new teaching assignment.  Where I have taught only 6th grade for the last 6 years, I now have classes with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  My usual angst about letting my 6th graders go at the end of each school year will be allayed as I get to keep them for three whole years.  Now, I will only have to live through the annual launching of our "finished" 8th graders into the wider world of high school.

My new courses are keeping me busy, figuring it all out and finding ways to make it lively and interesting.  My new charges are a bunch of interesting personalities, and we are slowly learning to know and trust one another.  They are in that early phase where they begin to believe that they may have fallen into the hands of a crazy person -- and then wonder if that is a bad thing.

I am tired each night, excited each morning, and tremendously relieved every single weekend.

Another new year is well started.



  1. I taught 6-7-8 for about 5 years....such a difference between 5 and challenges ecery day...and I loved it! Tose a lucky kids to have you for 3 years.
    hugs abby

  2. Good that you have them for three years. Steiner Schools let the one teacher take the same children right through the Elementary years, I always thought it was a good way to do it.

  3. My favorite teachers were always the ones I started out thinking were crazy people. Your new 6-7-8 adventure sounds so exciting - best of luck to you :)


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