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Moonbeam Update

Bringing home a stray kitten, as we did on August 1, is one of those things that is almost guaranteed to make you question your sanity at some point.  We've had our share of moments when we wondered what we were thinking, and I suspect that T remains convinced that the two of us took leave of our senses that night...

All in all, though, our little Moobie (short for Moonbeam which seems so very formal for such a little mite) has settled in quite nicely.  She is an unfailingly sunny personality, always ready to romp and play.  She will, if she is tired or sleepy, snuggle under my chin and sleep quite contentedly.  She comes when she is called, and she greets us at the door whenever we come home after being out.  She sometimes seems like a very sweet little puppy :-)

Callie, our old lady cat is still not thrilled with having her in the house.  She growls and hisses whenever Moobie gets too close, and cannot seem to comprehend what the little one might want --"what is this thing called PLAY?  Grrrrrrrrr!"

My house is strewn from one end to the other with every kind of cat toy imaginable.  And, when the toys lose their luster, then just about anything that is not nailed down becomes fair game in the mind of the kitten.  She is a continual lesson about living in the moment and enjoying each and every second of everyday.



  1. oh my god swan - Moobie is so damn cute !!!

    Poor Callie - with any luck she will do what my squirt did when missy came home - pick his time and his place and then he pounced her - just like Tigger... (i am grinning from ear to ear remembering that day) from that day forward missy was the underling and squirt the lord and master of all that was..........

    thanks for sharing the pics :)

  2. they're adorable. (the small one a little more so but i didn't want to hurt the older one's feelings... shhhh..)

    i often wonder if i should adopt a kitten, there are many here up for adoption and needing a home. but i'm so OCD about a clean house and everything being neat and clean. and i can barely feed myself, let alone take care of another life... ok, i've just answered my own question haven't i? i should be responsible and know my limitations.

    still, moobie IS terribly cuddle-worthy.

  3. Oh Moobie is soooo cute! Can totally understand Callie's feelings tho...having a youngster around, upsetting the routine...HA!

    Wow why does mouse suddenly feel like an old cat ? :-)


  4. Don't you just love tabby bellies?



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