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Poopie Caves

Here we go -- another post that has nothing to do with spanking or BDSM, or any of the other "juicy" and "salacious" stuff that you can sometimes read here.  I know ... it is just that I am home today, feeling crummy with some sort of icky stomach bug (probably shared with me by one of my darling students), and I have lots of time on my hands.

We have, as you may be aware, two feline creatures:  Callie, the old lady house cat, and Moobie, the magical summer kitten.  I know that some of you are cat people, so you will get it when I tell you that having two cats in the same house presents challenges.  Our crotchety old lady is not at all happy with our new addition, and while the household is not a war zone, the truce that reigns is not exactly peaceful either.

Early on, when we were first acquired by Moobie, it became very clear, very fast, that the two cats would not happily or nicely share a litter box.  It was also obvious that Callie was going to bolt from her litter box anytime that the little one bounced into view -- and the kitten just couldn't resist the urge to tackle Callie in the litter box.  Chaos!

I figured that things might be better if I could find a litter box that would give Callie some privacy where she would not be ambushed easily.  I found what seemed to be a great solution (although not an inexpensive one) at the local Petsmart, and so brought home for Callie the Cadillac of all kitty litter boxes -- The Booda Dome, or what has come to be referred to around here as The Poopie Cave:
The Booda Dome, works to give the cat privacy, and the steps help to prevent litter tracking.  It has a charcoal filter in the top and does a pretty good job of containing the smells.  Nice unit.  Big, but nice.  Callie was happy, and it seemed that all was right with the world, until Moobie fell in love with the thing and decided she liked it better than her kitten-sized litter pan.  Within days, the kitten had acquired the grand Poopie Cave, and Callie was contemplating turning the whole house into her own personal litter box.

So, I hauled myself off to the Petsmart, and bought another one.  Hence, we now have two Poopie Caves.  Tah Dah!  Happy cats.  They are a wonder, and I really like them -- now if someone could help me figure out an easy way to clean these behemoths...  Please.



  1. oh it looks so cool! No wonder Moobie wanted to take it over!

    um, you gotta throw out the litter right? so turn it upside down into a garbage bin and hose the thing off?

    i dunno, just thinking what I would do.

  2. We had an old man cat and an extremely weird little girl cat who is scared of her own shadow. Then two kittens showed up - I couldn't give them away so I an now officially the little old cat lady. My only suggestion is, get another kitten. Seriously, I know it sounds extreme but the two little one will very probably play and bond and completely ignore your older can, who can then live in peace. It's worked at our house.


  3. Anonymous10:28 AM

    My daughter has 3 cats. The old man cat just gently swats the newest addition when he gets too bothersome. The little lady cat is afraid of her shadow and hides under my grandson's bed most of the time. They all share the litter box with no problems. She did have a problem at feeding time. Each cat tried to steal the other's food. She now has an automatic feeder that she fills and the cats can eat whenever. That solved the problem plus the old man cat eats less and stopped gaining weight. The grandsons like to play with the cats teasing them with yarn etc. That seems to make for a happy cat household.

    Now I know what to get the grandcats for Christmas. LOL


  4. What a great cat box!!


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