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I have been called many things... some of them lovely and sweet, some others not at all lovely or sweet.

I have been Suzanne, Suzie, sister, daughter, Beth, Sue, Zimmy, Wife, Mommy, Divorce', swan, slave, Arnold, sister-heart, spice, bitch, liar, manipulator, destroyer, strong, weak, stupid, smart, Sweetie, Honey...

But just recently, and completely without any sort of guile or plan or intent that I can see, He has begun to call me "Baby."

I cannot even begin to explain or understand how that simple thing thrills me down to my toes.  I have never been anyone's baby.  It is the most breathtaking and amazing thing...



  1. I was recently called " Sweetie " go figure... So happy you enjoy Him now calling you " baby "..

  2. Ordalie12:56 PM

    Such a lovely picture! I now can't remember how tiny their hands were!

  3. I know that melting feeling, I had it the first time Master called me 'baby', and everything time since.
    hugs abby

  4. LOL@Sir - gee I wonder who slipped and called you that... LOL

    and for swan - I am glad it gives you thrills down to your toes :):)

  5. I love being Baby or Honey. I know how wonderful it is.


  6. Anonymous11:54 PM

    What a wonderful feeling that must be. I smiled through the whole post.


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