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The Garden

My patio is nice, and fairly spacious, but there is very little planting space, and the soil is poor -- in spite of my efforts over the last decade to enrich and improve it.  I have over the years, tried a variety of strategies to allow us to have fresh vegetables, grown here at home, but I haven't had much luck.  My best successes have come with the "Topsy Turvy" tomato planter (of late night television advertising fame).  I started off with two a few years back, and then added two more.  This year I have 10.  TEN!  I installed 8" eye bolts in the patio support pillars, ran some heavy duty chain, and suspended the planters with S-hooks.

I have four different varieties of tomato planted now.  I also have two different kinds of peppers, crooked neck squash, zucchini, and lemon cucumbers.  It is a veritable farm out there :-)



  1. I saw these in (don't laugh) a prison, when I was conducting an HR investigation about the conduct of a nurse. They were amazing when in full growth. I think we have to use whatever space and means we have to grow great stuff. Looking forward to seeing them when they have fruit / veg growing!

  2. We have terrible soil as well, we live in sand and have tried the whole "bucket garden" thing. Even the bucket garden won't work for us but a topsy turvy might be just up my alley! i love it! Thanks for the inspiration!! =)

    MD's treasure

  3. weirdgirl2:03 AM

    what a wonderful idea!


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