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Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I had the worst headache ever.  EVER.  At 1:30 AM, I woke up, knew I was in trouble, and took my medicine.  Nothing.  At 4:30 AM, I took a second pill.  Still nothing.
At 5:15 AM, when my alarm went off, I knew I couldn't possibly make it to school, much less teach.  I was nearly blind on one side.  I couldn't maintain my balance.  I was terribly nauseous.
I staggered to my computer to try and type some lesson plans, and email them to school.  I called and left what I am sure was a totally incoherent voice message explaining why I wasn't there.  I crawled back to bed, and tried not to whimper.
Tom called the doctor's office as soon as they opened.  I see a very good migraine specialist who works inside of a somewhat complex and non-responsive big health care organization.  He managed to wrangle them into trying to fit me into the schedule.  They told him they would call back.
I kept trying to sleep/not whimper.
I think it was about noon when they called and said they could see me at 3:40.  Across town almost 40 miles.  He didn't care.  He was driving me to the doctor.
He fed me some chicken soup which, thankfully, stayed down.
We made the trek across the city and arrived at the terribly brightly lit doctor's office.  I was bundled up in a hoodie and a ski band and great big bug eyed sun glasses -- looking like a pretty good Unibomber impersonator.
It was a long appointment.  A full exam, and the decision to give me nerve block injections.  The nerve block injects anesthetic into trigger points in the face, head, neck, and upper back.  The medication bathes the nerves that carry pain signals to the brain, and works to reduce inflammation and irritation.  If it works, it stops the headache very quickly.  It did.  Not an easy process.  I think there were a total of 18 shots, but when it was done I could hold my head up and open my eyes.
The doctor insisted that I have a CT scan today.
So that was scheduled, and again, Tom drove me there and waited while they did the scan and read the results.  Not until they were sure that the scan was normal was I allowed to leave.  All clear, and feeling way better.
Tomorrow, I will head back to work, hoping the nerve block works for a good long while (some people get months of relief).  We shall see.
He has taken very good care of me these two days.


  1. I can not even begin to imagine what kind of pain you experienced with this migraine. I felt sick to my stomach just reading your description. I hope with all my heart that the nerve blocking thing works for many many months ! Very glad you had Tom to take care good care of you.. Hang in there swan

  2. I was really sadden to read about your medical problems.. I am happy to see you ( via Tom ) got to see your doctor and had the CT Scan to find out what is causing your headache...

    I hope today was a much, much better day than yesterday.... I hope the medical folks got back to you with the results....

    You take care and my thoughts are with you....

  3. weirdgirl9:50 PM

    That sounds absolutely awful! I am glad to hear you have been taken care of so well, but both Tom and the medical community. I hope you have a lengthy period of relief from such terrible issues.

    Take care,



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