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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


Doesn't Everyone Have One?

We have our own private, personal orthopedic surgeon.  We do.  Really.  Well.  OK.  Not exactly.  We do however have the very great good fortune to have found a wonderfully skilled and accomplished orthopedic surgeon.
In July of 2005, our Dr. F. performed a total knee replacement on Master using a relatively new "minimally invasive" technique.  At that time, he was the only doctor doing the procedure in our area, and it was precisely because he was able to promise far less muscle and nerve damage, and far easier and faster recovery and rehab that we chose him for that surgery.  Since that time, Dr. F. has also replaced a knee for T, and done a total reverse shoulder replacement for Master.
Today, once again, our family's future was in the capable hands of Dr. F.  This morning, it was T, reporting to the hospital for rotator cuff repair surgery, and once again, it was our own private, personal orthopedic surgeon on the job.  The surgery was "outpatient," and everything went perfectly.  By 4 PM, we were headed for home, and tonight we are all snuggled in with a lovely warm fire.  T has had her pain medication, and so is feeling sleepy and what she always calls "stupid" on the couch with our Pranzer cat.  Now, the shoulder that has been increasingly painful will hopefully heal and feel better and better over the next weeks and months.
There will be some post surgical follow up appointments, of course, and then it will be time to head back to see Dr. F. as we prepare for Master's next knee replacement -- tentatively planned for next summer.
Our orthopedic guy is not getting any younger, and replacing joints is demanding physical work.  We've told him over and over and over that he cannot retire until we get all these aging joints taken care of.  Wherever it is he plans to retire someday (on the yacht that we have surely bought a significant share of), it needs to wait until all of us have all the "bionic" joints that we might need.  That could end up meaning another 4 shoulders, 3 more knees, and all 6 heron hips.



  1. Glad it went well :)

  2. give T a gentle hug from her "ex" roommate :) Tell her to heal fast and feel better soon.

    As for everyone having one..... i have a wonderful family doctor who is retiring in the new year - she has tried and tried and cannot find a doctor to take over her patients. i don't know what i will do without her... back to walk in clinics... which suck. If you succeed in getting your doc to stay on send me your secret :)

  3. Impish14:01 PM

    Please tell T. I'm thinking of her, and bring her a cup of tea from me, won't you?


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