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We've had one of the best weekends that we've enjoyed in many, many months.

We had time yesterday morning for sex.  Whoo Hoo!  It may seem like a "well duh" kind of thing to most of you, but for us, the simple connectedness of making love has been a huge hurdle.  We've loved our way through this last year, but it hasn't been warm and cuddly, and there have been many many days when we have really not had the heart for the intense intimacy of sex.  Ahhh but then, we came awake together in the soft light of a November morning, and there was time and inclination -- both at the same point and place.  We'd have spanked too, but there wasn't enough time to pull that off and still get me on the road in time to make it to my therapy appointment.  Sigh.  "Later, maybe," we promised each other as we rolled out and got busy with breakfast.

We spent yesterday afternoon watching an array of college football games, and while it just did not go the way we would have wanted it to for any of our favored squads, still it was good to have the time and space to spend a few hours doing something so normal.  I had lots of grading to do, and so sat at the dining table plowing through that pile while He growled and grumbled about the various games.  I know there are people who view football as "just a game," but He does tend to get pretty serious about the teams He cheers on.  When it was all over with, He was feeling down -- and so He took some time and went out to ride His new bike (I think we haven't talked about the new bike yet -- maybe that is the topic for another post).  An hour or so later, having flown around our condo complex on His two wheels, He was in a much better mood.

We had barbecued ribs and potato salad for dinner.  With a little applesauce to round things out, it was a pretty good meal, and one that seems to do pretty well for the post-surgical tummies in our family.

Settling in for the evening, He cruised from channel to channel on the TV, and there was, of course, more football.  He flipped between a couple of different games, and was sort of engaged, but not really.  At some point, He began to consider the possibility of going to see a movie.  A little online research and He found that the theater near our house was showing J. Edgar at 9:58 PM.  It is one of the films that we've thought we wanted to see, and so we decided to go -- even though it would make a late night for us.  T decided that she wasn't that interested (I think she is thinking that her big movie event will come next weekend when the new Twilight movie opens), and so He and I went alone.  It was an enjoyable time; a very interesting and well made film; probably too cerebral to be an enormous hit, but still good entertainment.  It was about 1:30 AM before we finally tucked into our bed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

We slept late this morning.  It was 10:30 before we awakened to the gray light of day streaming in through the window in the bedroom.  That's when the miracle happened ... He suggested that we could "spank and fuck" -- if my shoulder would tolerate it (another long story).  I figured He wasn't going to spank my shoulder, and so we got all set up for a good old, fun and games spanking. It was good.  It wasn't brutal, although I think there were a few points where I was grunting and growling and moaning -- so not nothing either.  Afterwards, I had a nice, hot, red, stingy butt, and He seemed satisfied at His handiwork.  We made love (twice in two days -- hooray!), and then headed out to get some "breakfast."

The rest of our day has been spent doing what we most often do on Sunday afternoon -- Bengals football (they lost), and school work, and laundry -- the non-kinky stuff of life and living.  A nice, enjoyable time spent just being together.  Tomorrow is back to work and into another week, but we are fortified by a weekend that was "nice" and not "horrible."  For those who have been following the saga, you may have some sense of just how big a deal that really is.



  1. Let's hear it for nice and not horrible!

  2. swan - technical question here... since you put the charms as your header pic.. i have been having trouble seeing the first 2 paragraphs or so of your blog entries.... the charm pic elongates and fills the space...

    Do you know why that would happen?? and I am wondering if anyone else is having the same problem???

    I couldn't read the whole blog entry - but did read about you going to see the movie... doesn't sound like my sort of movie so I think I will skip it...

    Glad you had a better weekend :)

  3. Hi Morningstar -- I'm not sure what might be causing the issue with the picture. You are the first person to mention it. I do know that when I first come into the blog, the picture shows larger, but then shrinks back into place leaving everything clear... So, does it stay big for you even if you give it a few seconds?


  4. yes it does.. what helps - sometimes - is if I reload..

    When I came to read about your weekend.. nothing worked - which is why I asked if anyone else was having the problem ...

    Now this time I logged in - it didn't elongate at all.. sigh.. go figure .. I will have to pay attention if it happens on the pc or just on my lap top....

    I'll keep working at it.. :)

  5. Sometimes, just normal and nice is perfect! A great post to share with us. abby

  6. Anonymous9:44 PM

    It's great to hear you had a good weekend. <3


  7. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend. My family and I went thru 2 rough, stressful, lawyer filled years. No sleep, very little sex, very little joy, lots of tears and high emotions. I can so understand but know that the sun always shines, we just have to look for it. Our weekends like that have become more the "norm" instead of not. Take care.

  8. weirdgirl4:04 AM

    So happy for the Clan :)

  9. swan..lovely post to read from you, glad you had such a good weekend..Hsxx

  10. Oh yay! This is the first time I've been on blogger in ages, and it is SO GOOD to hear things are going well for you guys! *hugs*


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