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Life Story -- Six Words

Could you write your life story in six words? Listening to the chatter in my own head, set off by the pointed, and from my perspective, unjustified judgment contained in L's commentsI stumbled across an interesting book, published in 2009, titled I Can't Keep My Own Secrets, a book of 800 six-word memoirs by famous and everyday teens, collected by the editors ofSmith Magazine.

There are lots and lots of things that I could say, if I were inclined to engage with her about her assumptions, her misconceptions, her limited perspectives.  I am not inclined to engage that.  She may believe in some sort of old testament, eye for an eye-style retribution, but I don't; never have; will not start now.  I could go on and on for a very long time, telling the story of "my" life -- and that would intersect in significant ways with the story of L's now husband (who once married me).  That feels self-indulgent, potentially mean-spirited, and not even very interesting at this point in my life.  

Six words seem artistic.  Six words seem powerful.  Six words seem disciplined.  Six words seem to insist that only that which actually, really, vitally matters earns a place in the story.  Six words intrigue me...

I'm His.  He's mine.  We are... 

Do you want to play along?  Leave a comment with your story in six words.


  1. English teachers love a 6 word challenge!

    found "me"....though Him.....perfect fit


  2. Mine Always and All Ways Still


  3. Seeking, provoking thoughts, life goes on......

  4. Wandering, questioning, lost, carpe diem, hope

    Great post

  5. This is good.

    Multiple breaks heal through love. Learn!

  6. Good one. I'm going to go and have a think, back soon...

  7. like Mistress160 i am gonna think on it.. but i'll be back........

    AND I might just steal the idea for a blog of my own... ok???

  8. I like this - and need to think about it more. I really like Tom's!

  9. Anonymous11:53 AM

    So let me get this straight, your ex-husband's wife reads this blog, which means your ex and almost certainly your adult kids must know about it as well. And we know Tom's daughter knows because she referenced this blog when she uninvited Tom to her wedding. So the rest of Tom's family probably knows about this blog too, human nature being what it is.

    And yet you still blog! I'm honestly curious, I'm not trying to be mean or negative, why doesn't it bother you? Or does it and you feel it's too important to give up? Or maybe you want your family to know about your intimate thoughts and feelings? You believe in total transparency? Or do you feel that if they read it, that's their problem, that you didn't invite them here, etc.?

    I'm honestly curious because I know I would be unable to do it myself. I'm trying to understand. :)

  10. I'm bound to Him, so totally.

    Very nice prompt!

  11. Anonymous7:55 PM

    For the record, that wasn't me. ^^^



  12. trying as hard as I can..

    ya know swan.. finding 6 words to describe my life??!!! Not easy at all.... but i honestly believe those 6 perfectly describe my whole life...

  13. Hullo dear family. Please hang in there..

    Mine are from when I start a Reiki session...
    "For the greater good of all"


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