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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.



An angler is, most commonly, a fisherman.  Not here, however.  In our household, it seems that Tom has evolved into a full-fledged "angler."  "Angler" in this case refers to the alternative meaning of the word; the idiomatic infinitive "to angle for:"

to scheme or plan to get something; to "fish" for something.

Angling for ... what?  Well, more and more, around here, it is Tom angling for a spanking.  As things have lightened up around us and between us, He has gotten more and more "switchy."  Where He once chose to bottom once in awhile for the broadened understanding that it gave Him for the experiences of His partner, now it is really much more about a desire and drive that is entirely about Him.  He wants to get spanked, and His approach to that is not a simple and straightforward asking.  No.  He schemes and plots and manipulates and maneuvers and brats and hints broadly.  He is a shy and blushing bottom when He is in that place, and it is adorable... just very sweet and very cute.

The angling has introduced a new level of uncertainty and ambiguity into our power-based dynamic.  Now we have to not only negotiate the approach to a spanking encounter; we also have to navigate through the shallows and currents around WHO plays which role.  We are learning to try and balance the energy between us; keeping a sort of informal accounting of who got spanked last, or who is feeling more needy, or more toppy, or...

I'm not too sure what I think of all of that most days.  Not sure that He's sure either.  We are wandering along through a world that seems to have very few boundaries, where what was clearly defined now seems entirely movable and malleable.  Where we once "exchanged" power, we are now more likely to try and power balance.



  1. Ordalie10:07 PM

    "He schemes and plots and manipulates and maneuvers and brats and hints broadly."
    Funny, really! Isn't that exactly what men criticize in women? Men are usually known to be straightforward.

  2. Who knows where life will lead us...but it sounds like you are enjoying the journey..and that is wonderful.
    hugs abby


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