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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


Spring Break

Tomorrow morning, the alarm will pull us up out of sleep at 5:30, and I'll take care of our early morning routines; showers, breakfast, lunches ... and be off and out on my way to school by about 6:50.  "Spring Break," will have come to an end.
For years now, we've traveled during spring break; driving 1200 miles over two days to visit in Denver with my children and grandson.  Generally, that allows us about three days to visit, and then two more days to drive back.  Every year, I head back after spring break feeling exhausted and completely worn out.  There are a number of reasons we did not make that jaunt this year, and the week has been, instead, sort of quiet, laid back, and restful.  Nice.
Coming into the week, I was looking forward to days of playing, spanking, and sex.  It didn't turn out that way...
We woke up on Monday morning to heavy rain, both outside -- and inside.  The window in our bedroom had lost its seal, and the rain water was coming in right around the frame.  We cleaned up the puddles, did our best to catch the leaking rain water, and called for help.  No messing around while we waited for the call back on the repair.  Another day, we were waiting for a package to arrive from FedEx -- one that we knew would require a signature.  So... another day through which we were reluctant to get into spanking knowing that we might be interrupted by the doorbell.  There was a doctor's appointment.  The window repair was scheduled on another day.  I had a teacher workshop that occupied all of Friday.  The days seemed to just melt away in a wash of stuff -- the stuff that life is made of.
We have spanked just a bit.  A couple of spankings for me, and one or two quick ones for Him, and yes, we've made love.  All fit in around the other parts of our life.
And tomorrow, I'll go back to school.  I'll plunge into the end of the year, the rush toward the ending that looms just twelve weeks away.  I will take with me some simple lessons learned over this spring break:

  • Life is made up of all of the moments.
  • Spanking and sex are part of life.
  • It is easier to just go with what comes rather than railing against the fates.
  • It is better to understand that I'm only human; He's only human, T is only human.  We are all doing the best we can.
  • Things balance out in time.  The good and the bad.  
  • Through it all, I can go gently and with less judgement.  Things will just feel better that way.

So, no journey across the middle of the continent.  Instead, a sweet and calm journey into who we are together.



  1. Good words to live by: "Go gently and with less judgement". I'd like to live by that.

  2. What sin said...those words jumped out at mouse too.

    Very nice. Only 12 weeks of school? Yikes!



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