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1200 Miles

It is 1200 miles from Cincinnati to Denver.  We've covered just about 1000 of those, and we are coming close to the end of our outbound drive.  This whole day has been a slog across Kansas.  Blech!  We are tired, but good.  Enjoying (mostly) our time with one another, and the chance to be together without any sort of obligations except to our own agenda.  That is a good thing.

Today is Tom's 62 day of sobriety, and He has begun to tease again, laugh again, be just a bit devilish with the two of us again.  It is a relief and a wonder to us all.  We do feel as if we've awakened in a new and strange country that we do not really recognize, but it seems potentially good.  We're not naive -- it is clear there's a lot to learn and plenty of work to do, but we are definitely better than we were in November, or December, or January... 

In a few hours, we'll be with my son and his wife.  We'll be with that grandbaby.  We'll be IN Colorado...  It is the home that no longer really seems like home, but it still feels good to be here again -- just for a little while...  A couple of days and we'll be headed home again.  But for now, we'll just be here enjoying. 



  1. What a lovely surprise to see a post from you on the road!!!

    Have a wonderful time with the family!!

  2. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Enjoy your trip, be gentle with yourselves and love one another. Make sure to stock up on plenty of grandbaby snuggles - they're good for the soul!


  3. Impish19:52 AM

    Have a nice visit, and squeeze that grandbaby for me! Baby love - nothin' like it. Enjoy the well deserved break.


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