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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


We Get To Go To Denver!




Yeah...I know.....You get it....the Clan is on the road, heading to Denver. A break from school for Sue, a break from IOP for Tom and a break from work for me. We are all, finally, taking a vacation together. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am. I am beside myself, giddy. I will be like that little pig-kid on the commercial, hanging out the windows and sunroof yelling "Weeee!!! Weeeeeee!!!"

We have all been worried about this. Tom has not been in a good place for several days. Sue has been exhausted and frustrated. And I have been spanning the breach and saying prayers to the Universe to help me heal my family. But we have had 2 really GOOD days. Tom seems good...good in a solid way, not wobbly. And when he is good, we are all better, stronger, saner.

And now I get to meet the grand baby! If you all remember, the last 2 trips they made to Denver, I had to work. I have met Sue's grandson via emailed pictures and videos. I have sent goodies to this little man and have been dying to meet him in person. And of course, I will get to spend time with Sue's son, daughter-in-law, daughter and all of their numerous critters.

We are driving. Two day's to get there, two days there, and two days to get home. I am leaving my house cluttered and the floors undone because, dammit, I AM ON VACATION! I can clean when we get home.

We will leave extra food and water for the cats. Both have survived being home alone while we have taken off. And I can tell Pranzer Clawz knows we are leaving, because he is especially "needy". Needs to lay on my, not beside me. Is following me all over the house. Slept close last night. I will leave a piece of laundry on the bed, so he has something that smells like me and he will ignore me mightily when I return. But he will be fine and so will Princess Callie Tu-Tu.

Our family needs this time alone desperately. We need the time to reconnect. We need the time away from all of the professionals, volunteers, classes, therapies, and well-meaning people who haven't a clue. My fervent hope is that we will come back stronger and good and together in a way we haven't been for months.

You all know our story with the herons. Well, we have not seen a heron on our pond so far this year, and they are usually back in early March. Oh, we saw one fly over last week, but nobody landed.....Yesterday, we all got home from our various jobs and appointments and were sitting around talking about our days.....and 'lo and behold......a heron landed across the pond. It looked right at our condos, as if to say "Well, you are still here and so am I. All is well."

And, today, all IS well. We are packing and planning and getting ready to see Sue's beloved mountains and family. I couldn't be happier.



  1. I am soo happy for all of have earned this! Hope it is truly a time to just be and breathe and enjoy! abby

  2. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Couldn't be happier for you...


  3. Enjoy every moment! (Like you needed to be told that, lol.)

    Good news all around, thanks for sharing.


  4. weirdgirl6:39 PM

    so happy for you all!

    hope you have a safe and wonderful trip :)

  5. What wonderful news for the three of you!

    I'm a firm believer in signs from birds so of course the heron was telling you also that its a good time to go on Vacation.. he'll take care of things in your absence!

  6. Impish17:22 PM

    Wishing you a wonderful, well deserved vacation break. Have a safe, fun time, and enjoy that special young man.

  7. Oh, good.

    Very emphatically good.


  8. If you happen to be driving through Lincoln, NE, I would love to have you for coffee. It is about 8 hours from Lincoln to Denver on I-80... feel free to e-mail if you like, going either direction.

  9. I echo all the above comments .... good for you guys !!!

    Have a wonderful safe trip.... bound again.... come back to us happy and contented


  10. Safe travels ... we'll all look forward to hearing all about it :)


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