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Years and years and years ago, I bought a simple pair of Bass boots.  They were a soft brown leather, flat heeled, ankle-high, easy and comfy to wear.  For the longest time, I wore them nearly everyday through the fall, winter, and early spring.  Rain and snow, cold and damp, in all kinds of weather, you could find me in my trusty boots.  I wore them with skirts and with jeans.  They were my favorite shoes for just about every occasion short of that dress-up, cocktail party, girly sort of affair.
The problem is that years of wear have taken their toll on my wonderful old boots, and they have gotten increasingly ratty and shabby looking.  Every time I put them on, I could hear Himself cringe.  The scuffed, cracked, worn out leather didn't particularly bother me -- after all, I'm not as young as I was when I bought them, and I am showing signs of wear too, but He has come to just hate them.  He grabs them every chance He gets and polishes the heck out of them, and it helps some, but they are what they are, and a coat of polish isn't going to hide the fact.
Today, when I got home from school, He told me he had a surprise for me, and there, fresh and new, was a brand new, spiffy, wonderful pair of Frye boots!  FRYE BOOTS!!!!  Wow!  They are the neatest, most comfortable, (and most expensive) pair of boots/shoes I've ever had.  They aren't exactly like my old boots, but they are close and I really like them.  I promptly put them on and dropped my old ones into the box they came in -- now, it is finally OK to let them go.  I feel like a five year old; tempted to walk around looking at my feet in my new boots.  I am just thrilled -- they are perfect.  Just perfect! 

Thank you, Sir.  I love you and I love my new boots.



  1. I still do that - walk around admiring new shoes when I get them. So go for it - you're allowed to enjoy them.
    What a great gift, what a wonderful expression of love.


  2. Impish15:32 PM

    Well, look at you! Pretty...what a neat guy!

  3. Do they come in black? They would be perfect with my Elphaba (Wicked Witch of the West)costume...and when I wear it, I'm usually in it all day+, so comfort is important.

    Seriously, they are awesome boots. Years ago, I had a pair of Fryes that I totally wore to pieces.


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