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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


Well.... Color Me Tickled!

Tom has been on a gifting spree. Sue got boots. She LOVES her boots. I think her boots are swell and perfect for her. Neither of us are "jewelry-type-women". Oh, sure, jewelry is pretty, but both of us are pretty hard on our hands, neither of us have pierced ears, and necklaces give me a headache. So boots are PERFECT for our Sue.

On the other hand..... I am a kitchen gadget freak. Tonight I got presents. I got a GLORIOUS Chef's Saute Pan from Scanpan, a BEAUTEOUS Tanto Chef's knife by Kershaw, and a new teapot to replace the spittin' whistle-less pot that has been sputtering all over my stove.

I am beside myself tickled. I carried my bounty over to my side of the condos and did a little dance while hauling my loot. I almost had to ask for help because this Chef Saute Pan is a monster. Resembles a Paella pan with a glass lid. Tom, of course, is most taken with the Tanto Chef knife. It is very lovely in it's own leather sheath....which I have already sliced putting the knife back...yes, it is THAT sharp!

But I have to say, the teapot touched me the most. It means he really heard me fussing about the pot I have used for the past few years. It has spit water for over a year and because it still works, I have not replace it. But he heard me. And when it came time to find me a present, he remembered. I am not sure that he would have noticed my pain-in-the-ass teapot this time last year. But he heard me and gifted me with the most beautiful teapot in the world.

Thank you my darling man. You do my heart good.

I love you, mores & mores.



  1. I have a silly chicken statue that means more to me thn any other present W has ever gotten me, for exactly the same reason your teapot is so wonderful. He heard me, he remembered, and he acted on it months later. Being heard is the greatest gift of all, isn't it?

  2. Ordalie11:58 PM

    How about some photos?

  3. So heart-warming to be kept in touch with all your developments T.

  4. Impish18:32 PM

    What wonderful treats, and what a nice man. So glad he's back.


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