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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


Signs of Spring

April 1, yesterday, was the opening day for The Cone.


The Cone is a long-standing local business that specializes in soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt.  There is a fat-free, sugar-free, vanilla frozen yogurt that works great for Master and for T.  I can't eat it because it is sweetened with aspartame, but I love their swirled chocolate/vanilla "zebra" cones.

During the season, we are regular patrons of The Cone.  It is a small treat that we enjoy, and there is just some sort of funky community feel to visiting the place that we get a kick out of.  But The Cone is a seasonal venture, and around the end of October, it closes for the winter.  We go through sudden withdrawal.  We've scoped out the area, and there are just no substitutes for The Cone.  It is what it is, and we are all hooked.

The good news is that The Cone is open again, and not only that, but yesterday, between 4 and 7 PM they were having a special -- buy two get one free!  A triad special!  Really!  That is something that NEVER happens.  NEVER.  Specials are always two for the price of one, tailored to our paired up society.  So a buy two get one deal seemed like a message to us from the universe -- "Get in the car and go to The Cone right now!"  Between the message from the universe, and T's Edith Ann pouty face, we had no choice but to pack up after dinner and make a field trip.  So, we have had our first fix of summer goodness from The Cone; spring is upon us; and life seems better and brighter. 



  1. That was NOT an "Edith Ann Pouty Face"....that was the "I am BEGGGGGIN' you two to get your butts in the car before I leave with out you face"! LOLOL!!!!

    I cannot believe how excited I am that THE CONE is open again. It was cold and raining, but I swear it was sun shiny in the car!

  2. I remember THE CONE!!! LOL

    I should have had one last summer... cause dairy is a definite "no fly" zone now for me..

    I am glad you all enjoyed your cones :)

  3. This post delighted me! Lol!

    T has an Edith Ann pouty face. I love it! Edith Ann pouty face! Edith Ann was one of my favorite SNL characters ever.

    Happy Spring, Herons.

  4. We have a place called Rita's. They make the best Italian Ice (lots of flavors) and they also make the most delicious Frozen Custard. I swear it's even better than the world famous Ted Drewe's in St Louis!
    Anyway, they close every winter too, and reopen on the first day of Spring, and it is heaven. :)
    I soo get the joy of gathering around the stand with everyone else to enjoy the treat. We have to watch out that we don't get there at the same time as the local Little League team arrives after a game - it's packed then.
    And I have to agree about the special - it's a sign from the universe. All is well, Life is good.


  5. Impish15:27 PM

    Sounds like fun!

  6. Anonymous5:46 PM

    @littlemonkey. SNL!!!??? Edith Ann was a character on Laugh-In, from the 60s!

  7. well......we may just have to try this little delight, being how we are generally in the same area as you. ;)

    And I know spring is coming due to my tulips popping outta the ground!! :)


  8. Hooray for spring at last!

  9. Anonymous4:45 PM

    One MORE reason I need to add one to my harem! :)
    @Tapestry: Get a grip. Nothing is better than Ted Drewes.


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