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Cherry Blossoms?

I've never really been crazy about tattoos. 
My kids both have "ink," and I always tried to remain neutral about their choices in that realm -- but the truth is that I always thought they were just perfect exactly the way they came into the world.  I never thought that the tattoos improved their looks one bit. 

So.  It was a surprise to me when, in response to a post that kaya made about searching for a suitable tattoo a little while back, that I got caught by my very own intense tattoo frenzy.  Me.  Wanting.  This tattoo (or one very like it):

I somehow cannot get that lovely piece of bodyart out of my head.  Probably an old lady fantasy.  But wow.  Just wow!



  1. oh hell swan - forget old lady fantasy - I got my first tattoo when I turned 50 - my birthday present to myself.

    If you have a tattoo frenzy - just wait - it probably won't get better... my desire was just a little bleep on the screen of life and grew and grew ....... now I have 3 and would love to have cherry blossoms added to my geisha..... who knows - maybe one day...

  2. It's just lovely. :)
    And I'm certain it would look wonderful on you. :)
    I have 3 tats, and would love to have more. Go for it!



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