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We have driven 1000 miles in three days.

Thursday, we drove from here to Washington, D.C., to attend the graduation celebration for my granddaughter.  We stayed in the tiniest hotel room I have ever seen -- a real throwback to the early sixties.  It was certainly not opulent, and we joked that we couldn't both breathe at the same time.  It was inexpensive, clean, and serviceable.  In our nation's capital, finding inexpensive lodging is not a small thing.
Yesterday, we took the Metro into the heart of the city, and walked the mall from the Washington Monument to the Capital steps and back.  It was probably 3-1/2 hours of walking out in the sun; really a beautiful day.  We found a wonderful mortar and pestle to bring home for our T, and were back to the hotel in time to get ready for the evening with the graduate.

The group that gathered for the party was eclectic, interesting, and really a lot of fun.  It was neat to be able to visit with my granddaughter, my daughter, and granddaughter's mother.  Granddaughter's father was also there, but not a very social or friendly sort of guy.  We had a nice meal and a great evening.

This morning, we got up early, ate breakfast, and packed the car.  By about 8:15, we were on the road and headed home.  It was just after 6 when we pulled into our driveway.  Everything has been hauled in, and unpacked.  The tomato plants have been watered.  The cats are settled in...having forgiven us for our unexcused absence.

We are exhausted!  T will have dinner for us at 8:00, and I'm betting that is it for us this day.  We just can't do this like we used to do...  Sheesh!



  1. wow, that's neat - an eclectic group as you say. Congratulations.


  2. Ordalie9:57 PM

    I'm truly impressed, both by the 1000 miles in three days and by rhe 3-1/2 hours of walking at a stretch.
    I'm really glad you had such a pleasant party.

  3. weirdgirl12:24 AM

    sounds like you had a wonderful trip :)


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