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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


Amazing Progress

Today has gone wonderfully.
T's drains came out today and her PT went extremely well.  She's walking some with the walker, and showing a really good range of motion in the new knee.
She is hurting some -- not more than we would expect the first day after total knee replacement surgery.  For the most part, she is being kept pretty comfortable with percocet and valium. 
It may be, if things continue that she will be discharged tomorrow and come home.  That's a day earlier than we were expecting!  She's really doing wonderfully.

I can't wait to have her home.



  1. Wonderful News!!!!

  2. That is just great!!! Sending prayers and thoughts your way....your being all three of you :-)


  3. way to go T!!!! as they say 'you just can't keep the good ones down' ...

    Here's to hoping she continues to improve and does indeed come home a day early.. there is NO place like home to recuperate !!


  4. swan, I am very sure that T also can't wait until she gets home.

    Keep up the progress T and swan well done for being there for T.


  5. weirdgirl8:22 AM

    great news! :)

  6. Impish13:05 PM

    "Gotta love that girl! What a go getter! So glad she is doing so well. Heap loads of praise on her from me for the hard work through the pain and queasies. Keep some for yourselves for the great supporting role while tired and maybe a bit stained. Hang in there all.

  7. Impish13:06 PM

    Oooops. strained.


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