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It's K-Day!

Finally! I am going to be just as bionic as Tom....well, at least for a few months. The planning and testing and evaluating are done. I worked my last day, before the new year, today. Bag is packed, food is packed, the crappy knee chiller is packed and the cat litter has been changed.

This has been a long time coming. Five years ago our knee-guy said I was ready. And I said I wasn't. Bionic knees were lasting 12-15 years then. And with my family's longevity, I would be looking at, potentially, 3 replacements for the same knee. NO THANK YOU VERY MUCH! But these past months have found the knee more painful and less willing to be a supportive partner in my life. I don't walk like I should. I would enjoy walking with Tom and Sue everyday.

There have been changes in knee replacements. There are, now, gender-specific knees. A few years ago there was 1 knee available and it was modeled from a man's knee. Now there are boy knees and girl knees and they are interchangeable and they are lasting 20-ish years.

I will be in the hospital for 3-4 days and out of work for 6 weeks. I am nervous but excited. Everything I hear says I have a bright and skippy future ahead of me. Tom and Sue are worried and anxious. I understand that, but we all know this is going to have a great outcome.

I have been doing all of my PT exercises to strength the muscles. I have been off all arthritis medication for almost a week. I never thought they did much in the way of pain relief, but let me tell you......THEY SURE AS HELL DO!!!!! or did....and will again.

So hold a good thought for my family....they are more nervous than I am. I am sure Tom and/or Sue will keep you updated. As for me? I plan on enjoying the pain medication and doing my PT to the best of my abilities.

Talk to you all on the flip side!



  1. Keeping you all in my thoughts.


  2. Good luck t - I hope it goes fantastically for you.

  3. You know I am sitting here cheering you on...

    wish I could come visit but I will visit via the internet..

    good luck


  4. Greenwoman20079:02 PM

    Best wishes...I hope you'll show us a picture of you walking when you are done!

  5. Sending you all calming and healing thoughts and prayers. It seems bad form to say 'break a leg' so instead, just wow em with your recovery!

  6. Healing thoughts are being sent your way walks are in the future! hugs abby

  7. Impish19:00 AM

    Your bright attitude is absolutely right! I know so many who have done this and done so well. They all say they wish they did not wait so long, and that the post op pain is nothing compared to what they had before the surgery. As a nurse, the real difference I saw in how well patients did was if they did those darn excercises whether they wanted to or not (at home, too). With your will - you've got it covered. Get in there and kick some butt!

    Tom and Swan, T is not Tom, and his recent surgical problems do not mean she will have them. Remember how well she did? And you will be there to watch over her to make sure she is treated correctly. Remember the Mark Twain quote "I've had a lot of troubles in my life, most of which have never happened". That's probably not exact to the the word, but I love that quote and use it to remind myself not to borrow trouble ahead of time. Thinking of you, and sending a big hug to you all.

  8. good luck to you! i will be keeping you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery!~

  9. Eamane10:09 AM

    good luck T...I'll be keeping all of you in my thoughts!

    PS- I love my cryocuff/knee chiller; I still use it 6 (almost 7 years after my knee surgery)


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