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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


We Came This Close...

We came so close.
We were at the end.
Of everything.
Too tired and too sad and too broken to go on.
All of us; heartbroken; but unable to see a way through yet one more day -- one more battle.

And, then, these pretty little charms arrived in the mail.  Today.  Ordered weeks ago, by our T, for Christmas.  But of course, by the time they got here today, it seemed impossible -- meaningless.  Because they were custom made, just for us, they were not returnable either.  One more disappointment to add to the misery that engulfed us.

It may have been just that bit of mystery and magic that saved us.  That caused us to bend a bit, swallow our pride, notice that we were in real pain, and reach out to one another.

We backed away from the edge.  Took a deep breath.  Hugged.  And turned, once again, to face our lives together.  Saved by a gift from T.  Merry Christmas!



  1. Just gorgeous, love these charms!
    Like you all.


  2. weirdgirl6:04 AM


    and perfect timing :)

  3. Impish15:18 PM

    Those are lovely, glad they helped. So very clever, T!

    Tom, sorry you felt afraid, and upset. Have you read about rumination? It can make that sort of thing worse, and a little knowledge can help.

  4. Perfect gift...perfect timing! abby


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