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Enjoy it all...

Joyce, commenting on my "tomatoes" post ended with some seemingly simple advice, that really caught me.  "Enjoy it all," she wrote.

Simple words that seem profound to me.

Enjoy it all.  Why do I have such trouble remembering to just do that simple thing?  There are so many good things that happen through all our days -- surely through all of mine.  If I'd just let go of wishing and fussing, and simply go with the good times and the funny moments and the joyfulness of where we are right now, I'd be way happier.  If I'd use my energies to imagine the life we want to lead, and then work to bring that imagining to life, I'd be way more content with the fruits of my efforts.

That is the trick.  Celebrate what is.  Recognize the good things.  Work for the future that you want to see.  Be glad.  Be grateful.  Be creative.  Be alive.


1 comment:

  1. yeah, me too. I fuss too. It's so hard to remember not to.


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