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Summer Surprises

For the second consecutive summer, we approached this annual break in my school routine with very limited expectations.

Last summer, our focus and energies were all about Tom's total reverse shoulder replacement.  We understood, from the start, that the recovery and rehab from that surgery was long and complicated, necessitating a long period of immobilization followed by a year long rehabilitation course.  We spent our summer running between the doctor and the physical therapist.  For weeks and weeks and weeks, He could neither bathe or dress without assistance.  Every single moment of every day was filled with shoulder-related work.  And... last summer, we were still very early in the recovery journey.  Emotions were raw.  Anger was pervasive.  Fear and confusion infused our every interaction.  It was a tough summer.  For us both.

Knowing that He needed to have His knee replaced, and knowing that the recovery from that surgery would require full use of His arms, that shoulder replacement was part of our "plan."  So, with a fully recovered shoulder, we came into this summer of 2012 with our sights set on the knee replacement surgery.  Everything went exactly as planned, and we settled in for what we expected to be weeks of surgical recovery, rehabilitation, and all of that stuff.  Except for the first two weeks after school was out, when we simply enjoyed our time together, neither of us looked forward to much "fun" during this summer vacation.

So, we have been surprised and delighted as, this week, He has progressed to the point that spanking play is, once again, part of our days.  He can do it.  I can enjoy Him doing it.  More though, we have found our way to a gentle, soft, youthful--feeling shared love that we could not even imagine or dream of a year ago. There are long stretches of time when we simply sit, or lie together, wondering at the magic of what we've been given.  Second chances are wonderful things!

I still have about 4 weeks before school starts again.  We'll take a week to travel out to Denver and visit my "kids" and the grandson.  We have a weekend workshop on shamanism.  Beyond that, though, He and I sleep late, enjoy yummy French toast for breakfast, tend to whatever appointments appear on the calendar, and on many, if not most days, find time to play together like youngsters again.  I walk around with a tender backside, enjoying the memories it evokes.  He marvels at how good His shoulder feels, and begins to imagine what will be possible as the knee gets stronger and stronger.

A good summer after all.



  1. YAY for the Heron Clan !!! what wonderful news swan ......

  2. What great news to start my day with...enjoy every single certainly have earned each of the days!
    hugs abby

  3. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Great news!



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