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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


One Liners

There is plenty going on in our world, and almost none of it seems to show up in "post" form for me these days.  So, instead, I offer a collection of one liner "snapshots."  It feels like the best I can do.

The new knee is 22 days old.
Himself is walking a bit without the walker AND without a cane either.
He is also getting by with very little prescription pain medication; relying on over the counter products.
Here in the states, we are under a hideous heat wave, and hunting for indoor places to walk.
I have a new teaching assignment starting in the fall, so this is a busy "teacher" summer.
We continue to delve into this "shamanic" whatever it is.
Providing the personal care for His recovery has run me ragged -- and I've lost 10 pounds.
My eldest turned 36 on July 4th -- how can that be?
Tom will mark 18 months of sobriety this week, and that is a big deal for us all.
"Big Deal" is probably an enormous understatement.
We got a letter this week from our therapist, telling us our file is being moved to "inactive" status.
At the halfway point of the baseball season our Reds are making us crazy (perennially).
We saw the movie, Savages, today -- and it was interesting and evocative on a number of levels.
Thought this summer we'd no way get to travel to see the grandkid, but it seems we might yet make it.
Closets are bursting at the seams, and I have to resolve the storage dilemma here.
We seem to be good...  different,  but good.



  1. weirdgirl1:12 AM

    thanks for the *update*(s)

    Glad to hear the knee recovery is going well. I have been reading about your heatwave - they are just typical summer temps down here, but we get humidity too. Is it dry heat where you guys are?
    I found the summer I was in the US much easier to bear than down here in Australia because I avoided anywhere humid!!!

    Sincerest congratulations to Tom on his imminent 18month milestone. So very happy for you Tom! (All of you in fact)

    I do hope you get to visit your grandson this holiday, Sue :)

    Kind regards to the three of you

    1. weirdgirl -- Cincinnati summers are both hot and humid, although this year, the intense heat seems to have wrung a bit of the humidity out of the air. It feels some drier. But maybe there is a level where the "misery quotient" is just too high to be able to distinguish one source of yuckiness from another...


  2. Congrats and hugs all round for all the positives...........


    new teaching assignment??!!! What are you going to be teaching next year swan????

    1. morningstar --
      I've taught 6th grade for the last six years -- science, math, and social studies. Next year, we are "re-configuring" our upper grades and I will still teach 6th grade math, but will pick up 7th and 8th grade science. So, new course work to prepare for. I always like a challenge, and it is fun to tackle something new. I'm never good with constant repetition.

      hugs, swan

    2. swan - that is quite a work load !!! good luck with that ...:)


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