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Healing Into the Future

As I am coming to understand it, the healing effects of the soul retrieval that I had back in the spring should work to help me move forward -- away from the hurts and the traumas of the past.  This kind of healing is not about a continual rehashing of the things that I've been through.  Instead, the way to wellness and fullness and happiness is forward.  Soul retrieval restores power that was lost when bits of my essence "left me" in the midst of physical or emotional trauma.  It is up to me, now that I am back in possession of that power, to build the future that can be mine.

I've done a good bit of reading this summer about the history and practice of shamanism.  I'm trying to get ready for a workshop that we all plan to take in mid-August.  One of the books is called Welcome Home by Sandra Ingerman.  It details tools and practices that can be used to facilitate ongoing healing following a soul retrieval.  I'm not far into it.  There are activities in each chapter.  Chapter 1 suggests imagining the future that you want.  It also asks who defines reality for you.

Imaging the future is an interesting exercise.  What would it look like if there were no boundaries and no limits -- if I could have anything I wanted?

I want us to be "us."  I want us to be together in any future that I can imagine living into.
I want us to be happy and secure and fully alive together.
Our condos are wonderful and comfy, and Cincinnati is not a bad town.  We have everything we want and need at our fingertips, but there is this place on the St. Lawrence, near the town of Massena, NY., and I think it is FABULOUS -- so why not?
Retired, of course, or working at things we want to do; with enough money/income to do as we choose.
Healthy would be good.  Aging is just the way the game goes from here on out, but I'd sure like it if we could do it feeling well.
Political stability.   Progressive public policy.  A return to civil discourse.  An economic system that offers everyone a decent shot.

As for that question about who defines reality for me?  I am struggling with the word "define."  There is reality, and I am working to learn to perceive it accurately.  I suspect that there is a very great deal more to say about that, but I'm not there yet.  I'm feeling more patient about that than I did six months or two years ago.


1 comment:

  1. Oh I do hope you move into your " dream " retirement house in Massena!!

    That way W/we could visit lots of times now that W/we have found O/our " dream " retirement house in Kingston...


    ps: that is a cute house, like your choice!


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