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On The Record

Those who have followed us here for any amount of time know that we are political junkies, and liberals down to our toes.  We realize that, within our U.S. representative democracy, not everyone shares our liberal bent, and that is just fine, but we'll make no apologies for our political views.  So, in the midst of this very, very hot summer, when things are relatively quiet in our personal lives, it seems an opportune time for us to go on record, lest anyone has any doubt ...

We are Obama/Biden supporters.  The Obama first term has not been everything we wished for.  We'd have been happier with less compromise and more fight.  We've been frustrated by the willingness to "play nice" with people who never ever intend to return the favor -- like the Tea Party'ers, and John Boehner, and Mitch McChinless.  The Affordable Health Care Act wasn't all we hoped it would be, and it is our hope that the law can be strengthened and expanded.  We want marriage equality someday.  Things have not moved as quickly as we wanted on that front, but there is some promise.  We want an end to our military involvement in Afghanistan -- bring our soldiers home.  The economy is still not as strong as anyone would wish, but we believe that it is  turning around, and we also believe that there might have been much better progress if Republican naysayers (especially Tea Party Demagogues) had not stood in the way of every single initiative designed to move us out of the hole the Bush team dropped us into.  We are closer to retirement than we once were, and so what happens to programs like social security and medicare matter to us.  More all the time.  The truth is we are too old and too poor to vote Republican, or to survive the kinds of draconian, anti-middle class policies that a Mitt Romney presidency would put in place.

Our declared political stand changes nothing.  For those who have made up their minds, we are either "singing to the choir" or "talking to the wall."  The discourse will be carried out in the media and via the Internet.  Neighbors and friends seldom sit down to try to convince each other of these things these days... it is considered "impolite."  That is sad.  Maybe our political systems would work better if they were more firmly grounded in our own interpersonal dialogs.



  1. I agree with everything you said and hope you live in a swing state. We need a president who cares about the 99 per cent. The one per cent can take care of themselves and pay their fair share in taxes to make this a better society. And we need a president who wants affordable health care. It's not single payer or Medicare for all but it will end families going bankrupt because of health care cost and dying whene pre-existing conditions aren't covered. It is hard to believe that Romney is now against the plan he created when he was governor.


  2. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Knew there were more than a few reasons I enjoyed your blog. Also a Obama supporter. If the other parties spent as much time supporting our President and trying to fix what's wrong instead of always finding fault and blame, our people would come out the winners!!! Agree with Florida Dom...Romney is backing down and becoming a party man instead of a people man. Isn't if ironic that the 1% who have the means are so against helping their fellow man the other 99%. Yet they claim to be such moral church going believers who follow biblical teachings... As the Native Americans say, "they speak with forked tongues."

    Sorry to rant so but had to get that out


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