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Grill -- Gone

Cooking is a "thing" around our household.  I cook.  Pretty well.  T cooks too.  Maybe better than me.  OK.  Sometimes better than me :-)  Tom?  Grills.  If it is to be cooked over a fire, Tom does that.  Very, very well.  He is the "Grill God."  The Grill God cooks over a charcoal fire -- in a Weber grill.  There have been
two grills on the patio for as long as I can remember.  Two.  One large and one small.  Not all grilled meals are the same after all.  Some are, well, large -- and others are, of course, small.  Two grills.

This morning, early, T left to drive off and visit her niece and niece's guy.  In the back of her car...  was packed the small Weber grill... a gift for the young ones.  And, today, for the first time in forever, there is ONE grill on the patio.

One grill equals one bag.  In my calculus it does.

Current bag challenge status = 9 bags.


  1. A BIGGGGGGG bag :)

  2. comment was going to be the same as Renee' are doing great!
    hugs abby

  3. Sounds awesome!!
    when I relocated to Texas I dumped 3/4 of what I had, including most of my beloved books. It is a very freeing feeling indeed. But I still need to tackle our fridge....


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